Orchestra and large ensemble

  • 11,000 Scientists, for chamber orchestra

  • O Pastor Animarum, for brass dectet, percussion and organ | recorded: Stone Tung

  • Inside the Factory (for Joshua Brierley), for solo euphonium and orchestra

  • Puphejmo Glimpses, miniature for symphony orchestra



  • Pie Jesu, SATB | recorded: Chetham’s Chorale

  • Psalm 150, SSAATTBB

  • O Lord, support us all the day long of this troublous life, SATB | sample PDF at bottom of page

  • In Salutation to the Eternal Peace, SATB

  • Inferno: Canto I for SSAATTBB

  • Those who wait, for the Lord for SATB

  • Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis for SATB choir and organ

  • На лицо заплывала улыбка, for SATB choir and piano



  • Ask Siri, text score for flexible ensemble

  • fanfare for two trumpets on a theme by Britten

  • mutations, for piano, clarinet and 'cello

  • three pieces, for wind quintet

  • upturned, for wind quintet | recorded: Magnard Ensemble

  • The Land of Nod, for string quartet | recorded: Brodsky Quartet

  • magpie, for string quartet | recorded: Ruisi Quartet

  • simple gifts, for three violins, viola, flute and euphonium

  • There’s a Feather on my Pillow, in collaboration with Jed Upjohn, for two voices, vibraphone, harp and bass guitar

  • music is love, for flute, 'cello and piano | recorded: New Music North West

  • Et in Arcadia Ego, for soprano, clarinet, violin, 'cello and harpsichord | recorded: Chetham's School of Music | sample PDF at bottom of page

  • s.c.r.a.m. for marimba and electronics | recorded

  • Letter of Request for Reconnection of Service (for the Hermes Experiment and the Gesualdo Six), graphic score | recordedsample PDF at bottom of page

  • The Pelican, for soprano, clarinet, double bass and harp

  • zoom capability (for Barratt-Due and Chetham’s School of Music) for virtual double string quartet | recorded

  • murmuration, for recorder quartet | recorded: the Palisander Quartet

  • trio erasmus, for string trio

  • Much Ado About Nothing, for clarinet, bassoon, violin, viola, double bass, piano/narrator and two singers/movers/dancers


Solo instrument/voice

  • potassium, for solo flute

  • bass, for solo violin

  • Lift Music, for solo piano

  • Tarichaea, for solo piano | recorded: Madeleine Brown

  • James I, for baritone and piano

  • enohpoxas, for solo alto saxophone | recorded: Samuel Toulson

  • four inventions, for solo piano | recorded: Daniel Liu | sample PDF at bottom of page

  • One Whole and Complete Breath Cycle, for solo flute | recorded: Kathryn Williams

  • Bow Suite (for Graham Oppenheimer), for solo viola

  • aulos, for solo flute

  • melody, for solo violin

  • sonata for solo squeezebox, for solo accordion

  • graphic score for untrained accordionist

  • Passing Time, a tone poem on a text by Maya Angelou for solo bassoon

  • Slowly the hair dries, for solo voice and body percussion

  • vocalise, for solo RH accordion

  • the merry cuckoo, for accordion and voice

  • violin sonata for solo violin and piano

  • concertini-tiny-tino for solo tenor trombone

  • mikroskopy, graphic score for solo instrument

  • Sicut Folia, for solo organ

  • sub vestibulum, for solo treble viol


  • home, tape | recorded

  • s.c.r.a.m. for marimba and electronics | recorded

  • à deux  | recorded

  • excape.mp3  | recorded

  • this is not a drill  | recorded

  • organically organised organ sounds  | recorded

  • indigo bunting  | recorded

  • elastic pants  | recorded



  • Stravinsky, Three Pieces for String Quartet, for bespoke ensemble

  • Zelenka, Sonata No. 5, for bespoke ensemble

  • Ligeti, Musica RicercataI, for bespoke ensemble

  • Henry Mancini, Moon River, for brass dectet

  • Tchaikovsky, Violin Concerto: Canzonetta, for string quartet and solo violinist

  • Trad. Skye Boat Song, for two violins

  • Schubert, Du Bitst die Ruh, for string quartet and solo voice

Sample PDFs

Commissioning new works

To find out about the process of commissioning new works please get in touch or find out more on the Commissions page.